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Who IS Sarah Palin’s Baby?

Yeah, I read some of the stuff out there.  All I could think was – oh, dear – this is NOT the stuff to demonstrate someone’s inability to hold a particular office – specifically, in this case, of vice-president of the U.S.  There are other ways.

I did find a couple comments at Kos I understand however in relation to lying, covering up something, reproductive rights, and the over-zealous religiosity of those who generally vote Republican or with the GOP.

Also, in Palin’s case, it would not just be a case of saving her daughter’s reputation, but also (and possibly foremost) one of cold calculation to save her own political career by keeping it free from the taint of hypocrisy and scandal. [by Donna in Rome on Sun Aug 31, 2008 at 03:52:58 AM PDT]

Actually, if you had any idea of the statistics affecting young women, especially in fundamentalist communities, it is not my own dignity I need to be worried about.  This is a candidate who seeks to impose not only criminalizing abortion, but criminalizing birth control.  That this woman is the mother of daughters and has boldly said that she would force her daughter to carry the child of a rape or incestuous child abuse, irrespective of the daughter’s feelings, development, age or readiness to take on the responsibility of parenthood, is more damaging to the dignity of women, children, and the spiritual meaning of relationship, of conception and male female relationships than anything I can think of. Continue reading


Homefront Fuckery

The week before last we all piled into my sister’s Yukon and took my father to see his 93 year-old sister in Vancouver and then drove down Hwy-101 drinking in the ocean view on those days it wasn’t foggy or “misty” as I heard several people call it.

Things seemed fairly good with him.  I mean HE thought the trip had been fun.  We were stressed worrying about him ‘cuz he is 87 after  all.  On the drive from the coast – straight across Oregon – we noticed he was coughing quite a bit.  We’d inquire, he’d say he was all right, he was fine.   We dropped him off in Nampa Sunday night.  By   Wednesday just after noon, he was on the way to the ER at Mercy Medical Center.  He has several comorbidities, one being congestive heart failure.

Now I’m not even sure how to explain this or the mindset that goes along with it.   I don’t even know if I should try.  Suffice it to say, the manner in which my sister and I who have guardianship of my father live is decidedly different than the manner in which my siblings live, and it is most striking in housing.  Over the past month or so we’d become increasingly disconcerted with my father’s living conditions again.  It was nowhere near what we found him in Kuna, but it was pretty damned obvious to us, he couldn’t stay there much longer.  Sooo, our thinking was – we’ll take him to the coast and when we get back we’ll start that gawd-awful process of finding ‘some place’ for him – more than likely an assisted living facility, some place where he could have his little dog, Tucker. Continue reading