DFH for Obama

I’m gettin’ one. 😉


Boogaboogabooga! 9/11 gonna get you!

Jeezus!  Absolutely no shame.  Seraphin’s got it down.

This isn’t about not remembering.  We all remember; we’ll always remember.  The way it was portrayed at the RNC is simple  unadulterated propaganda.

Boogaboogabooga! 9/11 gonna get you!

It’s all they’ve got left. No platform, no hope.

Posted by Buckeye September 4, 08 09:35 PM

Just like this commenter points out.  The ReThuglicans have no platform – no hope without using the fear card.  Scaring the shit out of people is their Hail Mary pass.  The ReThug ship is taking on water and needs to go down.