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Ah Jack, I’m Sorry…

This evening i heard that Jack Cafferty’s wife, Carol, died unexpectedly. The picture to the left is taken from the New York society page, some literary event with Carol Cafferty is on the far right. Their two daughters are with them.

I like Jack Cafferty.  I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I do like him and his grumpy style.


‘Irrelevant & Obsessive Focus On Gays’

Another one out of the park for Bishop Desmond Tutu:

However, he said he sometimes felt ashamed of his fellow Anglicans as they focused obsessively on trying to resolve their disagreement about homosexuality while 30,000 people died each day because of poverty.

“We really will not be able to win wars against so-called terror as long as there are conditions that make people desperate, and poverty, disease and ignorance are amongst the chief culprits,” he said.

“We seem to be engaging in this kind of, almost, past-time [while] there’s poverty, hunger, disease, corruption.

“I must imagine that God is weeping, and the world quite rightly should dismiss the Church in those cases as being totally irrelevant.”

Archbishop Tutu accused some of his fellow Anglicans of going against the teaching of Jesus in their treatment of homosexual people by “persecuting the already persecuted”.

Bishop Tutu was attending a conference sponsored by Tearfund, a UK organization looking to alleviate poverty – material and spiritual.  There he said it is the church who makes the invisible G*d, visible. Continue reading

Lynn Westmoreland’s Slip of the Lip

The way Lynn Westmoreland tells it, ‘uppity’ simply refers to those who think they’re better than someone else. To me the term has always referred to someone, anyone, who didn’t know their place – and, depending upon the context and the object of the insult – could absolutely be deemed racial if applied to a person of color, usually black.  That place was most certainly always some place “less than” that of the speaker.

Pam over at ‘Pam’s House Blend’ has her view up of Westmoreland’s blunder. She flat out calls him a liar. So do I. Like Don Frederick of the ‘LA Times’ writes:

Which means the Republican grew up at a time when the racial divide in the South was stark, a time when Jim Crow laws helped enforce a segregationist credo that limited opportunities for blacks, a time when — as an Atlanta Journal-Constitution article puts it today — “uppity” was “a word applied to African-Americans who tried to rise above servile positions.”

As reported, Westmoreland is branded “one of the most conservative members of Congress.” He opposed renewal of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, and in 2007 opposed more money going to the Justice Dept for solving civil rights killings – “one of two House members.”

Growing up here in Idaho there wasn’t much chance of running into many blacks.  The first person I remember was when I was around age 9 or so.  St. Paul’s AME church’s pastor had a daughter who began attending the same grade school in Boise as we. Continue reading