Ah Jack, I’m Sorry…

This evening i heard that Jack Cafferty’s wife, Carol, died unexpectedly. The picture to the left is taken from the New York society page, some literary event with Carol Cafferty is on the far right. Their two daughters are with them.

I like Jack Cafferty.  I don’t always agree with everything he says, but I do like him and his grumpy style.


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  1. The one guy who ever tells the straight-up truth on CNN and they give him less than 10 minutes a day. That’s pathetic.

  2. And I watched Wolfe Blitzer talk about this. He seemed so freakin’ dispassionate.

  3. Good word for him. He’s always that way, studiously dispassionate. I suspect that it’s because focus groups have determined that it imbues him with gravitas.

    The propaganda objective is to allow him to spew the same corporatist bias as Rash Limpballs and Bilge O’Really while still appearing neutral and reasonable. While Rash and Bilge’s agenda is to throw red meat to those already in the right-tard camp, Wolfie’s is to feed wingnut rhetoric to the independents, and even uncommitted liberals. I actually think on those grounds that Wolf is worse than his FOX “news” counterparts. His subtlety is as hard to nail down as the proverbial jello to the wall, and virtually impossible to lampoon.

    BTW, I’m reading The Handmaid’s Tale by Canadian feminist author Margaret Atwood. If you haven’t already, you must. Especially with Sarah Palin’s America on the foreseeable horizon.

  4. I’ve read the ‘The Handmaid’s Tale.’ I’ve seen the movie a couple of times. It wasn’t enough that the book scared the hell out of me, I had to watch the movie. Seeing that book in some tangible form – Jeezuss

    Ya know, I didn’t think it possible to be anymore afraid for this country of mine than having Bush as the “head.” I was wrong.

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