Is Palin Consistently Prolife?

I’m really bothered by Sarah Palin’s claim that despite having an amniocentesis performed, finding out the results – which to some folks might seem tragic or overwhelming — she carried the pregnancy to term ‘any ole ways’ because she’s pro-life. My thought when I first heard all that . . . . .Big Deal. And now the tidal wave of “support” for her sticking to her alleged “prolife” stance is disgusting especially from quarters I had considered strong progressives and advocates of a woman’s right to choose.

Consistent with her alleged “prolife” stance.  Nooo…. consistency with your ‘prolife’ stance is just that – consistent. Protection of life prior to birth, protection thruout one’s life.  Consistently pro-life brings into the mix issues like the death penalty,waging preemptive war, those things that are uncomfortable and bring out deepness in thought.

There have been many a pro-choice woman who when confronted with an unexpected pregnancy – myself included – had no other thoughts than the obvious: start taking prenatal vitamins, setting up doctor appointments – all the things an expectant mother would do and does.  And two women immediately came to mind when I first heard Palin’s last pregnancy presented in the light it’s being presented.

With one woman, the discovery during an ultrasound of an abnormality of the fetus’ skull (that led to abnormality of the brain) and the very huge likelihood of neurological problems to include cerebral palsy didn’t freak her out. She was pretty darned concerned for sure.  However what she and her husband chose to do was educate and ready themselves on what might be coming.  As it turns out, their son does have cerebral palsy (which was the medical consensus early on).  As for the second woman without divulging the specifics of my friend’s pregnancy, Margo says – her decision, their decision absolutely is consistent with their pro-choice beliefs.  You don’t get to tell another woman what to choose (do), and you don’t get to specifically make laws that alleviate those choices for women.

Afterthoughts:  I know all three of us were quite fortunate we were in relationships in which our beliefs and values were supported.  I’ve often wondered that perhaps my decision may have been different if I were alone or in ‘crisis.’  I truly don’t know; I have the benefit of hindsight now and I don’t even know if it’s relevant.

Another thought I’ve had while listening to the back-and-forth:  There are a multitude of women I’ve known who consider themselves “prolife” and are quite consistent in their beliefs.  They are advocates for disposing of the death penalty, they absolutely do not support preemptive war, war in general or even with specifics, and they also believe we are responsible for each other.  They believe in that which is stated in the New Testament, in the Gospel:  We are our sister’s keeper, we do help the least of those among us.


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  1. I was going to read this. But I’ve changed my mind. How could someone who posts at picture of the Constitution on thier site, display the American flag upside down? You’re anti-american and a hypocrite, and nothing you write has any merit.

  2. You seem to be pretty good at mixing bananas and apples…however, you also seem to forget that Palin DID make the choice: she chose to keep the baby, that is her CHOICE. But to “people of choice” it only means one thing: to kill the unwanted.

    Secondly, if we are responsible for each other, then, as it says in scripture…”do what you need to do to stop the evil”. That might mean to step in militarily to protect our neighbor. And, who is our neighbor, or sister, or brother, and the least among us? Could the least among us actually be residing in a womb?

    I pray for your awakening to the truth.


  3. however, you also seem to forget that Palin DID make the choice: she chose to keep the baby, that is her CHOICE. But to “people of choice” it only means one thing: to kill the unwanted.

    What I wrote disputes your claim – “people of choice”…means one thing: to kill the unwanted.”

    See – the dichotomy is that regardless of Palin’s choice, she had the opportunity to MAKE that choice without repercussion(s). In Palin’s world, no woman would have the choice to do anything but what Palin chooses. The reason Palin has those options are those women and men who have fought to keep the right to choose (whatever that choice might be) in force.

  4. Apparently Captain Leadbottom, you don’t understand flag etiquette or symbolism.

  5. btw, I’ve heard that she had a blood test rather than amnio, which makes more sense if she would be carrying to term regardless of what genetic boogeymen found by the test. Amnio carries a small risk of miscarriage, so it would be kind of weird to do it if you aren’t going to be making any decisions based on the result. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to know ahead of time that your child will have special needs.

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