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‘Criminal’ Update for Miner Bob

“Through its investigation of the tragic accidents last year at Crandall Canyon, MSHA determined that the operator and its engineering consultants demonstrated reckless disregard for safety,” said Richard E. Stickler, acting assistant secretary of labor for MSHA. “MSHA has referred this case for possible criminal charges.”

Saw this item very early one morning last week and made a mental note to remember it. Then got sidetracked with home-front issues.  Now, I’m not sure just how ‘brave’ this might be considered on the part of MSHA.

The two cave-ins or ‘product of seismic activity ‘ that, as Miner Bob preferred to name them,  resulted initially and most likely in the immediate deaths of six miners: Kerry Allred, Don Erickson, Luis Hernandez, Carlos Payan, Brandon Phillips, and Manuel Sanchez.  Their bodies have yet to be recovered, if in fact they ever will.  Rescue efforts were suspended a week later (Aug. 17th) when another explosion killed three rescue workers: MSHA inspector Gary Jensen, miners Dale Black and Brandon Kimber. Six others were injured during that sad time on August 17th.

A quote that has stayed with me is this one because I could just visualize it.  The illusion is in the belief you can do almost do something to stop it by just reaching further, pushing harder . . . .

“I don’t think I’m going too far to say the mountain is collapsing in slow motions,” Lee Siegal, a spokesman for the university, told The Associated Press. Continue reading


Service to One’s Country

Along with John Aravosis, I agree with the individual who emailed Andrew Sullivan stating that liberal bloggers are “being played” by McCain’s camp.  The emailer asked about the lack of coverage by liberal bloggers regarding Obama’s interview at the Service Forum on CNN.  I just happened upon it during a dinner break, catching the tail end of John McCain’s interview and the entirety of Obama’s interview.   Below are two segments.

An Alleged Reformer

Here’s John McCain talking about the ‘ole boy network – of which he’s part, of course – being a maverick and how Sarah Palin is going to reform the country like she did Alaska.

I caught a brief segment with Judy Woodruff talking to McCain on CNN the other night about how his children were children of privilege. When McCain’s daughter was on ‘The View’ earlier in the week talking about her “dad” she leaves out the part of the incredible privilege she and her family enjoy, not to mention the perks that comes with her fateher’s position as a senator.

And tell me again, how can one be a maverick when one has spent the past 20-plus years in Congress?