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Candy Crowley Bleats Yet Again

I am not a fan of Candy Crowley and this video from TPM Election Central demonstrates why.  Anderson Cooper asks a question about distortion by both campaigns.  She is of the mind that ‘it’s not her role to determine who is a bigger liar.’  See if you can decide who she’ll be voting for in the upcoming election.  Via Greg Sargent below:

Crowley occupies a very influential position. Her gig is presumably to go on CNN and inform viewers about the presidential race. The central story of the race right now, by any measure, is the very clear calculation by McCain and his advisers that they can essentially fictionalize the McCain-Palin ticket with a nonstop stream of complete falsehoods without being held sufficiently accountable by the press for voters to catch on. What McCain is doing is not remotely comparable to anything Obama is doing.


I Can See Russia From My House

Update 2 Well – that You Tube video has been pulled.  NBC’s website has video – you may or may not have to endure a commercial of some sort.

Update: Oh, of course …..McCain camp says Tina Fey’s depiction of Sarah Palin sexist ….

The portrait was very dismissive of the substance of Sarah Palin, and so in that sense, they were defining Hillary Clinton as very substantive, and Sarah Palin as totally superficial,” McCain advisor Carly Fiorina told MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Monday. “I think that continues the line of argument that is disrespectful in the extreme, and yes I would say sexist.”

Carly Fiorina, yeah, after decimating Hewlett-Packard that still continues with local results – and on to the McCain camp.

On the role of sexism in the presidential campaign, not to mention diplomacy, and ‘God hugging us closer.’


[Backup video:  NBC’s website has video as well; you have to sit thru a commercial]