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McCain’s Lying Lips

Gosh . . . . . I sooo love having the likes of Rachel Maddow on MSNBC.

Taking on the bullshit from John McCain.  The glaring outright lie from McCain’s mouth that I caught was the reference to “failed state when Musharraf came to power.”  The BBC has quite a bit on the coup in 1999 led by Pervez Musharraf; however, Pakistan was not a failed state.  The government, however capable or incapable, was elected by the Pakistani people.  Perhaps by “failed state” McCain simply means that we, as in the U.S. government,  didn’t control or have the means to control those in power in Pakistan in 1999.

Utah Savage


An Actual Weekend Off

Finally, I can CLEAN the house.  I’m not talking picking up; I’m talking cleaning – cleaning the bathroom and mopping floors type cleaning.  If for no other reason than to restore some kind of order around here.  In between cleaning rooms I’ll be reading.

Just started reading ‘The Wrecking Crew’ by Thomas Frank, and just finished a book on Roger Williams – Pioneer of religious liberty – written in 1899.  And – just bought two books from Amazon…. The Dark Side by Jane Mayer and ‘The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism’ by Andrew Bacevich.  Believe it or not I found Joe Conason’s book ‘Big Lies’ in some dollar store not long ago, along with Mary Mapes’ book, ‘Truth and Duty.’

Soo – who’s reading what?