Was There Lipstick on That Pig?

Last week Sarah Palin was out meeting a few of the important men in the world, among them Mssrs. Harmid Karzai of Afghanistan, the new prime minister of Pakistan, Asif Ali Zardari – husband of slain Pakistani Benazir Bhutto, and Alvaro Uribe, president of Columbia.  And then there was Henry Kissinger.

In the link to video provided up above, Sarah Palin is seen outside, leaving Kissinger’s office.  Originally, I saw the video on CNN or MSNBC, and what struck me was the look on Kissinger’s face.  It was this totally leering captivated look.  It’s the same look I saw on my hypersexed father’s face, who’s in the early to mid-stages of dementia, who leered at the occupational therapist.  Later on, he had attempted to pull the OT down next to him while he was seated at the edge of his bed, wherein we quickly intervened.  Kissinger’s facial expression totally creeped me out.

I ran across a column written by Judith Warner from the NYT who feels empathy with Ms Palin being in over her head in the presence of ‘powerful men.’  Warner references “our Inner Elle” – those couple of ‘Legally Blonde’ movies with Reese Witherspoon as the rich and pampered husband hunter who eventually ends up at Harvard Law who with her straightforward  and although has quite an ‘natural intelligence’ she is just unsure enough to be endearing.  I think Sarah Palin is quite narcissistic enough to think she can handle the Kissinger sharks of the world.  Besides she’s a Christian.

Whether or not Palin has the intelligence to hold her own, which I don’t think she does – it’s obvious from some of the stupid comments made by men recently, that she is not respected. I don’t think it’s about respect when men say to your face, “you’re gorgeous” and that’s the extent of it.  I think it also speaks to the respect McCain’s choice for vice-president garners as well.   I think Palin will do more damage to the status of women in politics and across this country if she gets anywhere near the White House.

President Zardari’s charm offensive on Ms. Palin was, well, offensive,” wrote political analyst Mosharraf Zaidi in an op-ed for TheNews. “What excuse does the husband of a global feminist icon have for his faux pas?” he asked, in a reference to the late Benazir Bhutto’s status as the Muslim world’s first prime minister.

Whereas, Mr. Uribe from Columbia apparently wasn’t reported to have been as unseemly and uninviting with his remarks.

With both Karzai and Uribe, Palin discussed the importance of energy security. With Uribe, the conversation also touched on the proposed U.S.-Colombian Free Trade Agreement that McCain and Palin support but Obama opposes.


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