Getting Ready For the VP Debate

Well, I don’t know what is in store for the vice-presidential debate this evening, however I’m pretty sure Gwen Ifill will be there.

I just know I’m at work early today so I can be at home watching (usually work 2-10:30), and this morning I made one of the best cups of coffee!

It’s made my day, and it almost doesn’t matter that my checking account is overdrawn, my 10-year-old cat now has asthma (Mr. Nibbles, who I also believe is gay), my father is still demented trying to grab the crotches of CNAs, and I no longer have cable.

I think I’m most upset about cable.  I mean, what’s a news junkie to do?  But at $100 a month, I could no longer justify it.  Maybe now I can buy groceries.


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  1. Most of what’s worth watching on TV is available through the internet now anyway. I don’t get MSNBC, but can watch Countdown with Keith Olbermann every night without commercials (hint: put the show’s segment in a quicklist, otherwise you DO get a 30-second commercial at the beginning of each clip.) And you can also get The Daily Show every day, only a couple of hours after air time.

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  3. I was dinking around in my settings and found ‘gravatar’ settings! (Oh yeah, it totally depends on the email address ya use.)

    Yeah, I watched Rachel Maddow’s show last night on line. That’s the stuff I’ll miss. CSPAN is on the web. Most of the stuff I watch, even the weekly cable shows are on the web like “The Closer” and “Saving Grace” with that fabulous Holly Hunter.

    Went to the store and got Granny Smith apples and caramel dip for the VP debate. I’m ready!

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