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The Disappointment That is Obama

Not having been much of an Obama fan from the beginning and certainly not being anywhere near any of my top choices, I was quite slow to warm to him. Actually I much prefer Michelle Obama to her husband. However, I’m pretty pissed at his backing of this latest charade at playing democracy.

Now I’m beginning to understand exactly why I didn’t want to vote for him.  The sense I got was he coming across obliquely, seemingly straightforward but holding back – a reluctance to actually and fully commit too strongly.  And what totally throws me off is his marriage and how he obviously loves his wife and girls.  There appears to be some certain disconnect between his words and his actions. You don’t preach progressive ideals sounding out middle-class woes on one hand and then vote for the very shit you preach is pathologic.  It’s reminds me of a premise or the premise behind Thomas Frank’s book ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas.’  {Wherein the ReThugs “exploits the residents of fly-over country into self-cannibalizing themselves by supporting an ideology that dooms them to diminishing job opportunities and lower wages.”}

For want of a better analogy right now, it’s like getting into a thunderous argument with a lover, who as someone who really knows your ins and outs and that lover uses what they know to undermine your value and enlists a devastating betrayal.  But this – this is going beyond betrayal. It’s a deviousness that appears almost straightforward, but isn’t.  It’s chicanery, it’s slyness – an underhandedness that’s so disconcerting that people have been willing to overlook or ignore it because they absolutely HATE where this country has been going for the past seven years and will be gotdamned if they’ll ever vote for the likes of John McCain.

And so now – now, we’re really fucked.

to disappoint the hopes or expectation

All this time, Obama’s been criss-crossing the country, hanging out in little known places in the less traveled states talking up what he is willing to accomplish for the American people – BUT – only with our help.  What happened with his vote tonight?  He sold us out.  All that we “could’ve had” we won’t have because he’s the democratic candidate and he knows many of us will NOT EVER vote against Democratic ideals, and we sure as the fuck won’t be voting for the likes of John McCain and the lipsticked pig, pit bull hockey mom.

Ian Welsh at firedoglake has this:

I assume he’s willing to give up the 700 billion for the near dictatorial power over the US economy which is still embedded in the bill, power which he will wield through is Treasury Secretary. Or maybe, encouraged by his economic advisers, almost all of whom were amongst the architects and cheerleaders of the policies which made this crisis occur, he really believes that bailing out the rich with middle class money is how the country has to operate. After all, some people are important and some people aren’t, and since the middle class can vote for him or for a man who has made himself into a national joke with Sarah Palin as the punchline, what are they going to do? Vote for John McCain, the laughingstock, who was also for the bill he was against, or some such?

Yep – that’s the uneasy feeling I’ve had all along.  That “something” I couldn’t quite put my finger on. Is he without conscience?  I don’t know.

I also ran across video of Jon Tester (D-MT) talking about his voting ‘no’ on the bill.  Chris Matthews had Tester and Kit Bond (R-MO) on ‘Hardball’ this afternoon.  (There’s a bit of Obama speaking with Bernie Sanders sitting behind Obama; he’s not pleased.)  Tester makes the point that $700 billion is the budget of Montana for 175 years – among other things.

And in the words of Bill Clinton in Florida today – though he is talking about Obama.

I’m here because I love my country and I love this state, and you know we have to change America’s course. I’m here, in the words of the group of former supporters of my wife, “because Hillary sent me” — because none of us worked all that hard all through this year to see this election come to naught. We know we have got to change the course of America.

And I think that’s what’s being counted on.  That we love our country and are fierce in wanting to change the way it’s been heading.  We shall see – won’t we.


2 Responses

  1. I’m glad to see you’re on Bill Sali’s side on this one!

  2. I’m glad to see you’re on Bill Sali’s side on this one!

    Nooo – perhaps Bill is FINALLY on the correct side.

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