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Well, this isn’t good news for Sarah ….
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Who do you think will win tonight’s vice presdential debate?
Sen. Joe Biden 100%
Gov. Sarah Palin           0%
Neither    0%
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A news item up at KTVB, notes Sarah’s education at the University of Idaho where she received her degree in Journalism,  B.A., along with some interesting comments from journalism professors there.

…..some of the questions she received in interviews with ABC’s Charles Gibson and CBS’s Katie Couric were a different kind of journalism than she learned at the University of Idaho.

“I have a degree in journalism also, so it surprises me that so much has changed since I received my education in journalistic ethics all those years ago,” Palin told host Hugh Hewitt.

Journalistic ethics?  Charlie Gibson & Katie Couric’s journalistic ethics are lacking in what?  Softball questions? 

Now, if I remember correctly, Palin attended like 5 or 6 different colleges/universities before settling at U of Idaho and graduating from that institution. 


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  1. Palin did not answer direct questions and chose only address matters which she has limited knowledge…energy. There’s more to running a country than that!

  2. And yet, what was that response she gave, Tracey?

    ‘I may not answer questions directly but I answer to the American people so they’ll know where I’m coming froim.’

    That’s folksy shit was driving me crazy, dropping the ‘g’ from words to sound “everywoman.” Drivin’, drinkin’ gonna just show ya’ – wink.

  3. All that drilling at the ranch in Sedona and for what? The same canned answers and tired campaign slogans we’ve been hearing she came on the scene! This woman is no debater, no thinker, no reader; she’s just another Republican Stepford Wife who says and does what she’s told. If I hear “maverick”, “ruffled some feathers in his own party”, “took some hits”, and “Joe 6-pack” one more time, I’m going to be sick.

    We don’t need another “Joe 6-pack” in the highest office(s) in the country; we’ve had enough of that down-home crap in the past eight years to realize the President and VP ought to be dignified enough and intelligent enough to command respect around the globe. And yes, Wordsmith, like you I’m fed up with the dropping of “g”s from the ends of words and the winking.

    Here’s my “shout-out” (gah!) to Palin: Go home, do some serious reading, learn about the issues, and practice the national language.

  4. I can’t remember where I read it, someone wrote that Palin was practicing her Tina Fey impersonation. Without substance, that’s what they are. They want to rewarded for something. McCain because he’s a ‘war hero’ – Palin for being the new face of the ReThuglican party?

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