Tuning In For Tonight’s Debate

Before I get in a bit more time at work, I thought I’d post this from CSPAN.  For the most part, I’ll watch the debate tonight on C-SPAN’s website as I won’t have to deal with the chatter before and after of the pundits.  If MSNBC runs the debate live as well, I’ll have two windows – maybe three with CNN. 

First up though, CSPAN has a ‘Debate Cam’ that’s focusing on different areas of preparation for the debate tonight. I’m watching it as I type.  It’s in the media center right now and there’s a couple of foreign journalists (well, one is the camera dude).   Oookkay.

Moving on – oh, look the foreign journalist is interviewing an American woman.  I can’t make up my mind whether he’s Italian or French.   Is he talking to Carly Fiorina!?   The McCain Camp let her out!  Okay, I don’t think it’s Carly.  Someone from C-SPAN with explanations about the candidates or some such. 

There’s the Debate Hub and it’s pretty darned helpful.  Information about the debate: location, the university, the organization running the debate, the city.  There’s Tools – You Tube, Twitter, Debate Timeline (after the debate begins), and coverage from Twitter and the Blogs.

Oh yeah – I’m with John Amato on this debate tonight.  I want Obama to call out John McCain about his campaign’s latest from their lipsticked pig and their bullying tactics of bullshit and bald-faced lies.

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