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Being in District 16, I found this morning’s editorial in the Idaho Statesman on political endorsements absolutely schizophrenic.

District 16Idaho Voter Guide

District 16 has all three of its seats open, two in the House and one in the Senate, due to the shuffling that place when David Langhorst (D) left the Senate to pursue an Ada County Commissioner spot while Margaret Henbest (D) retired from the House.  Les Bock (D) was also in the House with Henbest.   And I was happy; my little district was ‘solidly’ Democrat.

Senate Seat:

Now, Les Bock, who represented District 16 in the House, has taken the opportunity to run for the senatorial seat that represents District 16.  Running against Bock is Christ Troupis (R)

House Seats:

The Democratic candidates for District 16 are Grant Burgoyne (Seat A) and Elfreda Higgins (Seat B).  Burgoyne’s challenger is Joan Cloonan for the seat Margaret Henbest.  Elfreda Higgins is being challenged by Elizabeth Allan Hodge for the seat Les Bock held.

Now that I’ve sorted all that out, here’s the word from The Statesman on the Senate seat:

Troupis may be more conservative than many constituents in this swing district….. <snip>

We don’t agree with Troupis on everything….We are less troubled, frankly, by Troupis’ high-profile legal work – he has represented Republicans seeking to close primaries and the Keep the Commandments coalition…… <snip>

In no way do we dismiss Democrat Les Bock, who is running for the Senate after two years in the House. Bock, an attorney, has proven [proved] himself a sharp, committed lawmaker. However, we think Troupis is better positioned to get results in a Republican Statehouse.

How?   Nothing in their editorial addresses that specifically.  In relation to Les Bock – who HAS been in the legislature representing District 16 although in the House.

Sisphysus at 43rd State Blues writes regarding Mr. Troupis:

Mr. Troupis also represents the extreme right wing of the Republican Party in their attempt to restrict the right to vote of many Idahoans and close the primary. This rural oriented cabal is currently in control of the leadership in the Idaho House of Representatives. Despite the company he keeps the Statesman nevertheless believes Mr. Troupis when he says that: “He supports local-option taxes for transportation, and he’s on target when he dismisses as ‘unwieldy’ the local-option constitutional amendment pushed this year by House Republicans.” Unwieldy indeed, this proposed amendment is an obstructionist ploy to destroy local option as a tool to solve transportation issues which are on the forefront of concerns for the constituents in District 16.

The Statesman editorial staff then go on to endorse Grant Burgoyne for one of the District 16 House seats(A) while not endorsing anyone for Seat B.  The Statesman does cite that Hodge is too conservative and apparently too set in her ways to benefit the district.  There is this about Higgins.

Democrat Elfreda Higgins is stronger on the issues, and her experience on the City Council in Garden City is a plus. But she has lost credibility with us – and more importantly, with her would-be colleagues – by mishandling her campaign.

Higgins initially said she would run as a Republican, soliciting donations, attending a candidate school, and sending a letter to House Republicans seeking support. She later backed down and eventually decided to run as a Democrat. She said she decided against running on the GOP ticket because, as a candidate, she came to realize she wasn’t as conservative as the party. This kind of cluelessness just doesn’t wash.

I don’t know if Higgins actually lost credibility or not with her “would-be colleagues.”   As she states in this column by Kevin Richert, she found her ‘Republican views’  more moderate than those in Idaho Republican party and didn’t feel comfortable supporting their platform.  “This kind of cluelessness just doesn’t wash.” Oh bullshit.  I don’t know Higgins.  However I would think given the ideological state of the Idaho Republican party that Higgins’ actions took some measure of courage.

In all fairness to me, I’ve been terribly preoccupied over the past several months in dealing with family issues and I have NOT had the time nor energy to invest in checking out candidates, etc., as throughly as I would like or want.   Seeing Elfreda Higgins’ name on yard placards, I initially thought she was part of the Higgins family who I know as long-time GOP supporters.

With Richert’s column/blog entry, Jim Hansen (former Idhao legislator as well) weighs in.

I moved to Boise in 1985 and found the Republican party I grew up with was disappearing. It was being replaced by an ideological extremism that ignored ordinary families and small businesses. It gave away tax breaks instead of investing in public schools.

Then so does Raul Labrador, Eagle – House rep, as does Ryan Davidson, who apparently is Vice-Chair – District 16 Republican Central Committee.  As does Elreda Higgins herself….

Rep. Labrador’s remarks are reflective of the attitude I found common in the state Republican Party. He overstates the amount and quality of the training we received, and he dismisses my concerns about the Republican Party leadership no longer reflecting the views of many of its constituents.

A few teeny ‘points.’  I don’t often read the comments at the Idaho Statesman on news stories because of the imbecilic attitude of many of the posters.  The same names pop up repeatedly and one is of a certain vice-chair.   It takes a lot of time to respond to comments and stories on the Internet regardless of the site – just ask Clayton Cramer.  It’s more time than I want to spend that’s for sure.

I don’t remember the others, the cat started racing around the house, knocked over my coffee onto the carpeting …….


I have to go clean up the blood now.


(Oh – jus’ kiddin’)

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