That One, Huh?

In all the time this year that I’ve watched these political debates, I think last night was the first time I actually bristled.  It came when John McCain referred to Obama as “that one.”  It was pretty damned dismissive and was just unnecessary.

Via Huffington:

Darren Davis, a professor at Notre Dame who specializes in the role of race in politics, sent a comment to the Huffington Post about McCain’s “that one” remark. “It speaks volumes about how McCain feels personally about Obama. Whomever said the town hall format helps McCain is dead wrong,” Davis wrote.

I had three screens on C-SPAN, CNN, and MSNBC while watching the immediate aftermath of the debate with the McCains and the Obamas.  In listening to CNN for a moment, I heard Wolf Blitzer point out that McCain was not shaking hands with Obama, stating it pretty much “demonstrated the disdain” McCain has for Obama.  (And then for some reason, McCain left and the Obamas were left to work the room – which they did wonderfully.)

Just as Station Agent poses his question here, “This man doesn’t have the temperament not to act like an asshole in a Presidential debate, how can he deal with being President?”, you really do have to wonder about McCain’s temperament and temper.  He’s just another grumpy, nasty old man.

However, thanks to this one (and Station Agent), we have as below.

.Whoa!  I‘m thinking T-shirts!!!   Somebody get right on it.


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  1. Contempt is sooo MAVERICKY!!!

  2. And Senator McCain’s rude remark is going to be his undoing, McCain’s Macaca Moment of 2008, like this guy notes … probably not the October Surprise McCain was planning …

    Soooooo hilarious!!! Post the link, pass it around and make people realize what kind of person McCain really is deep down!!!

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