Hockey Mom Still Booed

Unbelievably, I appear to have found one of the more boisterous videos of Pittsburgh fans booing Sarah Pali dropping the puck at the opening game.  I just happened to catch on some sports channel while at my nephew’s place waiting on his mom.  A commenter, Gina, who attended the game left a comment and gives one terrific first-hand perspective at her little blog. This video below is being used for the down on the ice angle.

Now I ran across something that simply floored me. Fox News blog – Embeds – has Shushannah Walshe reporting:

A carpet was laid down and Palin, dressed in a beige trench, walked on to the ice joined by her daughters Willow and Piper. The GOP Vice-Presidential nominee said at an earlier fundraiser that she would stop some of the booing from the rowdy Philadelphia fans by putting her seven year old daughter, Piper in a Flyers jersey. She said, “How dare they boo Piper!”

The woman has no shame.  Her kids are simply props. I’ve noticed this before with Palin’s infant son.  As much as I might want my 4 month-old at a raucously roaring political convention or rally, I more than likely wouldn’t take them. There are places you just don’t take your kids as infants.  It’s inappropriate. As written at the Workbench

What kind of parent would expose a seven-year-old child to a potentially abusive crowd in an attempt to defuse hostility? Philly fans are notorious for being tough — they once booed Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin as he was being taken off the field strapped to a gurney with a potential spinal injury.

As pointed out, the contrast between Palin (& McCain) using Palin’s kids and family as props, “the Carters, Clintons and Bushes treated their young daughters during their campaigns and subsequent presidencies” is striking.

I read an excellent essay at an offshoot of, Oxdown, entitled: ‘Failure to Draw Boundaries: WHY ETHICS MATTER.’

“Awareness of boundaries and the ability to draw firm boundaries goes a long way toward protecting oneself from ethical lapses.”  TheraP says, and then brings up the first.

Flirtatious behavior is not appropriate in professional situations. You see that in the way Palin campaigns. It may not seem huge …. but look at Rich Lowry now! Look at the Pakistani leader who now has a fatwa against him after his meeting with Palin! All because of Palin’s inappropriately flirtatious behavior due to not maintaining professional boundaries.

I don’t think Thera meant to insinuate that Palin is responsible for other’s behavior. Just her lack of boundaries encourages others to intrude or be more intrusive than they should be.  Watch the booing video again and watch Palin’s action/reactions with the men. Then report back.

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