John Lewis’ and the Vitrole of McCain/Palin Events

I can’t stand it when people are intentionally, determinedly stupid.

This morning the question was raised by Chris Wallace, Fox News, if as has been reported (some people in the crowds), do Palin and McCain bear some responsibility.  Take note of the directness of Davis’ response.

What’s at issue is the poisonous atmosphere at McCain and Palin’s stumping rallies (where I think the language is decidedly encouraged) becoming more and more evident in which Sen. John Lewis (D-GA), stated that:

Senator McCain and Governor Palin are playing with fire, and if they are not careful, that fire will consume us all.”

Mr Lewis said the “sowing of seeds of hatred and division” reminded him of Alabama Governor Wallace’s rhetoric in 1963 that was blamed for a church bomb attack that killed four young girls.

McCain’s camp attacked with vengeance stating there was no comparison between him and George Wallace (i.e., ideological similarities).  Lewis wasn’t saying there were similarities between McCain and Wallace, he was saying the “rhetoric” and the atmosphere created by inflammatory rhetoric reminded him of Wallace’s.

As John Lewis said, “My statement was a reminder to all Americans that toxic language can lead to destructive behaviour.”

John Lewis is spot on.  That’s what it’s about: toxic poisonous language and McCain absolutely knows it.

I, too, remember George Wallace.  I remember his strenuous determination NOT deferring to the federal government for the integration of any part of Southern society, specifically Alabama.  Another thing I remember is his too-late-in-coming apology for being such an active impediment to integration.

In his later years, Wallace apologized for his stance against integration he held early in his political career. At the same time, he insisted that his infamous statements supporting segregation had to do with his fight against federal courts interfering with state issues rather than a being sign of racism against blacks. In a 1992 interview in Time, Wallace said he eventually realized that “either we had to do away with segregation or we wouldn’t have peace in this country.”

[Much longer clip of at 7-1/2 minutes if interested.]

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