A Study in Ignorance

Up at Pam’s House Blend are two clips of video I stumbled across last night but being too tired to think I trundled off to bed.  Pam even has it set up like I wanted as well.

I ran across a news story with a small piece of video from somewhere that showed a guy at some ReThug event with a small stuffed monkey with an Obama sticker on its forehead.  When the man saw the camera focusing on him, he took off the sticker and gave the little stuffed monkey to a small boy about 2 years old or so.  Last night looking for something I found another portion of video that showed the same guy outside the venue whooping it up about “little Hussein” before being caught on video while inside.

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“I’m Done…..I’m Leaving Earth”



This is really just too good to pass up.

The “SNL” veteran who has come back to play the Republican Vice Presidential candidate (and whose own show, “30 Rock,” is still nowhere to be seen), said, “We’re gonna take it week by week. If she wins, I’m done. I can’t do that for four years. And by ‘I’m done,’ I mean I’m leaving Earth.

Might be going on that ship myself, Tina.

Fightin’ Racism in Idaho

Tara has some striking posts up regarding the racism that underlies more than we know here.  She began with alerting us to Zeb Bell‘s (who I did not know existed) fantastic bullshit, referring to Barack Obama as that “black Negroid Barack Hussein Obama.” There was a Zeb Bell follow up soon after. Then, it seemed Zeb was just anywhere, somewhere, and everywhere, AND had supporters!  Some days, Tara, was just fine in ‘Defining Racism‘, other days she was intent on scaring the beeJezzuss out of us or at least me, by bringing into the mix Bill Sali!

One of the finest posts Tara has recently written is this one on ‘Check Your White Liberal Guilt‘ about the insidiousness of racism which I sometimes think is rampant here in Idaho.  And it truly is all about those who are not white (Caucasian for those so inclined).  I also know from living elsewhere that in comparison, Idaho doesn’t compare.  But – being ‘not that bad’ or lacking in comparison doesn’t preclude responsibility.

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My Take – Idaho’s 2nd Congressional District Debate

Our PBS channel, KAID, has the video up of the debate between Mike Simpson (R) and Debbie Holmes (D), 2nd Congressional District.

If the progressive movement is to mean anything in this state, we must not allow Congressman Simpson to pass himself off as a moderate. If we can force him to run on his record, we can win.

Noww, I know how articulate and knowledgeable I am when sitting at the computer or listening at home who when speaking in front of any group (especially while standing) I become an instant idiot without any facts or figures in my head – although the profanities are still quite intact.  These are just my thoughts.

  1. My number one ‘complaint’ – BE More dynamic, more forceful when speaking.  (Simpson just sounds like he knows what he’s talking about because he’s done it for so long.)  Debbie may very well have a tremendous grasp of the issues, however she is coming across as not sure that what she is saying is precisely what she means. Continue reading