A Study in Ignorance

Up at Pam’s House Blend are two clips of video I stumbled across last night but being too tired to think I trundled off to bed.  Pam even has it set up like I wanted as well.

I ran across a news story with a small piece of video from somewhere that showed a guy at some ReThug event with a small stuffed monkey with an Obama sticker on its forehead.  When the man saw the camera focusing on him, he took off the sticker and gave the little stuffed monkey to a small boy about 2 years old or so.  Last night looking for something I found another portion of video that showed the same guy outside the venue whooping it up about “little Hussein” before being caught on video while inside.

In finding those two pieces of video, I also found the one below. It so epitomizes people I knew and worked with while living for a time in Ohio, and the further south you went it seemed the worse it got.  I could never understand how people could revel in their ignorance with such pride. Attaching names of things they didn’t know about and had no interest in learning to people they didn’t know.  How many of these people at these rallies of McCain and Palin receive Social Security or use Medicare/Medicaid.  What the fuck do they think that’s is while they scream ‘Socialists’? Commies – how very ’50s.

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