Fightin’ Racism in Idaho

Tara has some striking posts up regarding the racism that underlies more than we know here.  She began with alerting us to Zeb Bell‘s (who I did not know existed) fantastic bullshit, referring to Barack Obama as that “black Negroid Barack Hussein Obama.” There was a Zeb Bell follow up soon after. Then, it seemed Zeb was just anywhere, somewhere, and everywhere, AND had supporters!  Some days, Tara, was just fine in ‘Defining Racism‘, other days she was intent on scaring the beeJezzuss out of us or at least me, by bringing into the mix Bill Sali!

One of the finest posts Tara has recently written is this one on ‘Check Your White Liberal Guilt‘ about the insidiousness of racism which I sometimes think is rampant here in Idaho.  And it truly is all about those who are not white (Caucasian for those so inclined).  I also know from living elsewhere that in comparison, Idaho doesn’t compare.  But – being ‘not that bad’ or lacking in comparison doesn’t preclude responsibility.

Tara’s at it again today:

Bell’s hatred attacks the most unassuming and innocent among us. He attacks Native Americans, Hispanics, liberals, Japanese-Americans, African-Americans, globalists, and Muslims with an equal amount of hatred and gusto. He will attack a student just as quickly as a teacher. He will pull a weapon on a young man who accidentally drove through his property line fence simply because the young man was Hispanic and what Zeb defines as “a menace to society.” He will claim to greatly admire Dr. James Dobson and will bring a man on his show every week who has known ties to Stormfront and David Duke.

He attacks those weakest among us, yet we choose to only defend a man running for president who can very well defend himself. We turn a blind eye to the hatred until Mr. Bell calls Obama the “precursor to the anti-Christ” and insists his white mother had a “fixation” on black men. We turn a blind eye as Mr. Bell revises history to blame Japanese-Americans for their own internment during World War II, yet the moment Mr. Bell claims there will undoubtedly, in an Obama administration, be reparations for the families of African-American slaves prior to the Civil War we react in fury.

Apparently, the way of all bullies is the way Mr Zeb Bell and others travel.

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  1. I love this video, Wordsmith! Thank you for sharing.

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