Kathleen Parker on Colbert Report

God Bless Steven Colbert. He interviews Kathleen Parker and right out of the gate, he has tough questions for her. Who do you hate more – hockey or Moms?

Kathleen Parker believes Sarah Palin isn’t ready to be vice president.

“She has a new hairdo…. a new stylist….some very expensive clothes. I can’t believe I’m saying this.”

(The ‘read more’ leads to the video)

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Where a Lie is a Lie, And a Liar IS a Liar.

Thanks to someone for Rachel Maddow. Calling it just like she sees it: A lie is simply a lie, and a liar, well a liar is a liar – sometimes a bald-faced one at that.

Home Time Reality

Well, time to get back to some “dad business.”

1.  His property is still tied up in an attempt to clear the title.  One sibling is still claiming ‘Mom liked me best and wanted me to have her half.’   It just means more money for the attorneys – and we’re majorally stressed about money as it is.  I even owe Boise Public Library $3.50!

2.   Due to number 1 above, I have to wander over to Health and Welfare and pick up an application for Medicaid.  Since he has no private funds right now to pay for his care where he is currently, he needs to file for Medicaid.  And the reason he has no private funds?  The sibling in #1 took it.

All right – I still get pissed even thinking about it for half a moment.

I do know this …. being poor is a constant test. And any attempt to get ‘help’ is a goddamned trial. Continue reading