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Study in Ignorance – Gayle Quinell, & Jody from Fenton

This morning a fellow worker recited for me the reasons she intends to vote for John McCain.  She thinks his campaign is actually being run by “his party” and doesn’t reflect who he is.

Four days ago I ran across an extended version of the woman, later identified as Gayle Quinell, who stood at one of McCain’s rallies, and stated she couldn’t trust Obama because he’s an Arab. Following McCain’s taking back of the microphone, the woman moved outside and ‘The Uptake’ caught up with her.  The video was a continuation of the woman’s conversation with a few reporters (to later include Dana Bash from CNN).

In one sense, this woman reminded me of my fellow worker.  This fellow worker does not read a lot of different magazines, newspapers, blogs or anything that I can determine.  I do know she does not watch those cable channels like CSPAN, MSNBC, CNN or even Fox for that matter.  Prison Break is her faviortie show.

So in watching this woman a few days ago, she very much reminded me of this fellow worker in the blind acceptance of whatever they receive, especially if it’s negative, must be absolutely true.  There’s no skepticism, no investigation of any kind – simple acceptance without question.

This is the very kind of ignorance that is dangerous, as this woman obviously confuses being ‘Muslim’ as something inherent.  Watch it.

Following the video listen to a bit of the ‘Talk of the Nation‘ from NPR I listened to in the car yesterday.  One woman in particular was just over the absolutely top.  She talks about Barack being behind a lot this doing with ACORN and other things…..’indoctrinating kids to be little liberals’ (Obama & Ayers) ……”McCain is being a pussycat”…..”Barack isn’t a citizen of the United States and the Democrats are covering that up’ -17:00-20:00 or so (Jody from Fenton, Michigan).   I had to pull the car over at that point I was so pissed at such stupidity.

The Uptake is a citizen news group that I’ve been watching and checking on since the presidential conventions this summer.  It’s a good resource.


7 Responses

  1. My question is this. Can these people be taught the truth and will they accept it? Or are they mentally defective and not capable of understanding? Either way, this lady is frightening — how many others out there are just like her?

  2. Exactly! She sounds worse than my 87 year-old father who has dementia and rambles about shit – ‘the Jews’ – ‘the Pope’ – ‘the commies’ …..

    Ya know, I’m 55 and all I can think is how I PRAY (to someone, anyone!) that I’m not this ignorant when I’m “old.”

  3. You know what is more frightening??? She is only 3 years older than McCain.

  4. Well, now – lib4life: Skipped right over that tidbit. Damn!

  5. Quinnell has the same low level of intelligence as do those who are persuaded to become terrorists.

  6. Intelligence or education?

  7. is this lady for real?? how ignorant can she be?? get educated lady!!! obama will be her president!! take it or leave it Gayle.

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