“Health of the Mother” Scam

Okay – I for one almost stopped watching last night’s debate between Gramps McCain and Obama.  McCain was somewhere between whining and wildly negative, rolling his eyes, and sighing fer crissakes. I think he even snorted at one point.

Finally – finally! Obama started pushing back although I still wasn’t thoroughly impressed or satisfied.  I wanted him to backhand McCain for being such a boorish prick.

Then Bob Scheiffer threw into the mix – abortion. Though I was satisfied with Obama’s response following McCain’s bullying regarding Obama’s record in the Illinois state senate, there was one moment where I became absolutely and totally creeped out, and it was here….. this is the quick shot.

And here’s a video of most of the question as posed by Mr. Scheiffer.  Keep an eye on the graphing of men (red) and women (green) while Obama and McCain are speaking.

Obama wanted an exception to the Illinois law to cover the “health & life of the mother.”  He talks about the need for the prevention of unintended pregnancy through education.  McCain responds to Obama’s explanation with the little handsie quotes in the air with the use of the words ‘health of the mother.’

You know that has been stretched by the pro-abortion movement in America to mean almost anything. That’s the extreme pro-abortion position quote, health.”

And – again – another half-handsie quote at the word “health.”

Chris Matthews discusses the dismissive quote from McCain with Rachel Maddow.  So McCain thinks that “health of the mother” is a scam.  Well, well, well – guess what he said to Chris Matthews in July of 2005?  Via Mediagirl (midway thru post)

MCCAIN: I think that it’s pretty clear that the court’s not going to revisit Roe v. Wade, per se. But there will be other issues, such as parental notification, such as when the viability of a fetus is — you know, we’ve learned that, because of medical technology, a fetus is viable at an earlier and earlier stage, which, by the way, has contributed significantly to the pro-life position.

So, I think there’s other aspects of the abortion issue, which I think will continue to surface in the United States Supreme Court.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask a John McCain question.

Justice O’Connor, Sandra Day O’Connor, was on the 5-4 positive end, the majority end of a decision which said you can’t outlaw abortion, even through the means of what’s called partial-birth abortion, if the woman’s health is in danger.

Are you with that side? Which side are you on? Do you think a woman’s health should be paramount in determining whether she has a right to an abortion?

MCCAIN: I think it depends on the stage of the pregnancy, and I know we’re splitting hairs here. But there’s a point — there’s a point where the woman’s health is, obviously, in the later stages of pregnancy, is — gains in greater and greater importance.

But I believe that if Roe v. Wade itself were repealed, we would go back to the states.

And now?  Now, it’s a ruse by those McCain labels as ‘pro-abortionists’ to skirt the issue to allow women to get away with having sex?

As Rachel Maddow says, it’s worse watching it again.

I’ll make more sense of it tomorrow . . . . or later today actually.


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  1. Besides being reprehensible, the air quotes around the “mother’s health” demonstrated a stunningly inept political strategy. When you’re behind you have to reach out to the independents and undecided moderates. This is following the McCain/Palin overall strategy of trying to energize the base – but not just the base, the far-right extremists. So now an underage girl about to give birth to a deformed fetus who also might die in childbirth should be forced to carry that killer fetus to term? It’s outrageous. What percentage of the population is going to go along with that?

    Make that calculation, that’s the percentage of the vote that McCain deserves.

  2. I was really amazed by this. So he’ll protect the unborn, but what about us already-born women who conceive hostile fetuses?

    My immediate thought was along the lines of Sad But True’s – wow, what a dumb thing to say.

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