Feeling the Punch of a Hard Economy

MPC lays off 200, including 78 in Nampa says the headline from the Idaho Statesman. Below that it reads, “The troubled company said the cuts reflect the slow economy but also ‘adjustments’ to its business model’ – which was taken from the statement issued by MPC.

Anyone catch this?

Some of this week’s jobs were cut because production is being moved to a company in Juarez, Mexico.

Last year the company sent 153 jobs from a plant in Nashville, Tenn. – which it obtained in the Gateway deal – to the Juarez plant.

On Oct. 9, the company said it had received nearly $28 million in orders from the U.S. government, including $13 million from the Department of Homeland Security, and $14.9 million from the Department of Defense.

“Adjustments to the business model”, my ass.  Exporting jobs AND getting business from the U.S. government as well.  Pretty good deal if you’re the business owner, eh?

Linens ‘n Things, near Boise Towne Square Mall, and an apparel shop for “young women” (Mariposa) in the mall are also closing.  I didn’t realize Linens ‘n Things had filed for bankruptcy so that closing won’t come so quickly; liquidation sales to begin or begun yesterday across the country.

Linens N’ Things was hit by a declining housing market, a downturn in consumer spending and a tight credit market, which made it hard for the 30-year-old chain to pay its creditors, said Rich Tauberman, a Linens ‘n Things spokesman.

No move to Juarez is planned from what I’ve read.

Mention of the Dept. of Labor opening on Saturday to help the expected influx of Micron workers to be laid off along with those previously let go.

Since the layoffs at Micron, expected to number 1,500 in the Treasure Valley, the department has offered extended hours at its offices through Nov. 8. Offices will stay open for job-seekers until 8 p.m., Monday through Thursday, and from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Saturdays. Friday hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Offices offer free computers for job searches, fax and copy services and resume review.

This comment was left in relation to the story on Micron….

It’s not 1500 people over the next 2 years… Micron Boise is laying off about 3800-4000 people and it’s starts next week

I have no clue to the accuracy of the above.  That is a lot of people, however.

The good news?  Gas is down, “plumenting” in some folk’s words, and Obama spoke to an estimated 100,000 people in St. Louis.

Obama’s words, especially regarding the economic crisis, were exactly what several metro-east supporters were wanting to hear.

Don Lemon, CNN, followed a guy whose job is repossession of vehicles.  Listen to Simone’s story; I don’t think it’s unusual.  It’s heart-breaking actually because she is not living large by any means.  And, listen – even more carefully, to the owner of the business who talks about the repossession of other business owner’s ‘business’ vehicles.

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