Obama Endorsed by The Idaho Statesman

Damn!  Whoda thot?

The Statesman editorial board endorses Obama in the 2008 presidential election.

This is not an obvious choice for a newspaper in a historically Republican state. Nor was it a unanimous choice. But we have to think about what’s best for our nation, which is facing challenging and confusing times that call for even-tempered, clear-minded leadership. When the partisanship of this election finally subsidies, Obama is the man who can reach reasoned conclusions, reach across the political divides, and reach out to the common American. <snip>

McCain made a splashy but impulsive pick designed to court voters. Obama made a smart pick designed to build an effective governing team.

Obama and Biden have largely stayed on topic and unflappable, in the face of last-minute campaigning that has turned ugly. At their worst, Republicans have resorted to fear-mongering. In what, by comparison, pass for measured moments, McCain and Palin simply insinuate that the Democratic ticket is out of touch and elitist. <snip>

But we cannot dismiss what we have seen and heard during the long job interview that is a presidential campaign. Obama has earned our trust and our support.

Over the weekend I just happened upon video Barack Obama’s visit to Boise in February of this year before I knew the Idaho Statesman had endorsed Obama.

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