Local Campaign Ads

Now that I no longer have cable, I’m so ‘forced’ to watch the broadcast channels.  Admittedly there are a few shows I do watch, and no, one is not ‘Desperate Housewives.’  Besides, this isn’t about any particular television show; it’s about the political advertisements I’ve been seeing.  My gawd – every break had one!  Apparently having cable buffered me from these ….. things.

The one that stopped me dead in my tracks was an ad for Bill Sali in which some guy with plastered down hair did some weird dance. I’m not even sure what ‘the message’ was because I was so horrified at the very childishness of the ad.  From that ad it was no great leap to seeing this behavior from Sali, the bunny ear debacle. The first word that popped into my head when I could think again was “childish” followed by ‘lacking in professionalism.’

Later I found this post by Betsy at ‘Eye on Boise’

Last night at dinner, my 15-year-old son shared his opinion of all the campaign commercials that have been cluttering up the TV airwaves. Most, he said, seem serious and appropriate. But he singled out two that he said rubbed him the wrong way: Bill Sali’s “Walt’s Dance” spot, which features a greasy-haired actor doing a disco dance while a narrator criticizes Democratic opponent Walt Minnick; and Democrat Larry LaRocco’s new ad against Republican Jim Risch, which features a carnival barker’s voice criticizing Risch’s tax policies and a cartoon-like figure of Risch with bobbing head. Both, my son said, “seem really unprofessional and childish – and that’s coming from a child.”

I haven’t seen the Larry LaRocco ad on television, but I did find it on his website. Personally – I wouldn’t classify LaRocco’s ad as childish or even particularly unprofessional.  I don’t like the ‘genre’ utilized in the ad, it’s seems – out of place. It’s not a good fit in relation to the message.  Judge for yourself.
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