All Right….I’m Going Fookin’ Crazy, Here!

Ya know….I’m doubling up on my meds, sometimes tripling…..still about over the top waiting for Tuesday to come – and go.

We need some music.   Something relaxing, yet motivational.


3 Responses

  1. Word, you are amazing. Word.

    Send me some of the meds – I am unarmed

    also, I’m going to Grant park next Tuesday to celebrate with the masses.

  2. “Unarmed”, CC. Geezy willikers! I find that hard to believe.

    Good! I saw the pic of you and Mr. B; love the hat! Take more next Tuesday. I’ve taken the day off to lurk around here taking pics and ‘reportin.’

  3. 🙂

    (Though strictly speaking I am by no means a fan of the banjo.)

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