Out Sick

For days I’ve had this yucky stuffed-up, dizzy feeling – sneezing….. got a cold from somewhere so I’m recuperating. Called off work. Got chicken soup, water, books, movies, and cats who will snuggle.


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  1. Get better Sister. I hope your sufferring ends soon.


  2. It’s the election, I’m just sure of it. Now that we’re approaching the end your body has decided it’s OK to get sick.

    Hang in there. It’s almost over, and then we’ll get at least a week before they start the next election cycle.

  3. Hey d. My suffering is ongoing. (oh, i crack myself up – now I’m having a coughing fit…. oy)

    I have no doubt it’s the election. That and worrying over money in relation to my father’s ‘case’ dealing with his property and shit, but mostly the election.

    One thing I noticed over the weekend. I no longer have cable and was flipping thru the broadcast channels. i have never seen so many “judge” shows. Christ, even the Spanish channel had one. Movies and all those shows I had on TIVO that I manage to get to tape have been quite helpful.

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