See Ya, George

Some rabid leftists were out in front of the White House last night after Obama’s victory serenading George.




Breaking News: Minnick defeats Sali in 1st Congressional District‏

Just saw this via the Idaho Statesman….

Not a Rahm Emanuel Fan

Great scott….

Howard Fineman just said on MSNBC that Rahm Emanuel was called about being Obama’s chief of staff and he accepted.  Howard said he got that scoop from Josh Marshall.  Don’t see anything from Josh yet, but I did see this.  Well, we’ll see. Off to bed.  I’m still happy – and relieved.

In My Tiny World

In my district where I live, 16 – 92% of precincts are reporting in and this seems to be – my district remains Democratic

60% Grant Burgoyne (4282 votes)

40% Joan Cloonan (2890 votes)

In the second seat for the House:

60% Elfreda Higgins (4313 votes)

40% Elizabeth Hodge (2884 votes)

The Senate seat up for grabs:

61% Les Bock (4466 votes)

39% Christ Troupis (2871 votes)* (*Troupis was the attorney for those theocrats hanging with Brandy Swindell, late of 2008 Olympics fame.)


Whereas, I reside in Congressional District #2 where Jim Risch and Larry LaRocco were running for Larry Craig’s seat.

57% Jim Risch (R) ~ (163195 votes)

35% Larry LaRocco (D) ~ (101525 votes)

6% Rex Rammell (16330 votes)

1% Kent Marmon (4223 votes)

1% Pro-Life (3352 votes)

House representative for CD #2 – 55% of precincts reporting, it’s apparent Mike Simpson kept his seat in the U.S. House.

71% Mike Simpson (R) (108389 votes) = incumbent

29% Deborah Holmes (D) (45301 votes)


The race that I’m really watching however is the one between Walt Minnick and Bill -I’m a Freakin’ Nutcase – Sali.  (US RD#1).  There are only 34% of precincts thus far reporting in, and I just heard Jill Kuraitis report to a KIVI reporter that Canyon County ballots haven’t yet been counted for this seat.  Oh dear….

52% Walt Minnick (68328 votes)

48% Bill Sali (63841 votes)


Barack Obama elected 44th president

Illinois senator to become first African-American leader in U.S. history

Some waited a helluva long time, too.

And I, I cannot tell you how relieved I am that we do not have to worry about the likes of Sarah Palin and her theocratic ties any longer or John McCain’s further war-mongering moves.