In My Tiny World

In my district where I live, 16 – 92% of precincts are reporting in and this seems to be – my district remains Democratic

60% Grant Burgoyne (4282 votes)

40% Joan Cloonan (2890 votes)

In the second seat for the House:

60% Elfreda Higgins (4313 votes)

40% Elizabeth Hodge (2884 votes)

The Senate seat up for grabs:

61% Les Bock (4466 votes)

39% Christ Troupis (2871 votes)* (*Troupis was the attorney for those theocrats hanging with Brandy Swindell, late of 2008 Olympics fame.)


Whereas, I reside in Congressional District #2 where Jim Risch and Larry LaRocco were running for Larry Craig’s seat.

57% Jim Risch (R) ~ (163195 votes)

35% Larry LaRocco (D) ~ (101525 votes)

6% Rex Rammell (16330 votes)

1% Kent Marmon (4223 votes)

1% Pro-Life (3352 votes)

House representative for CD #2 – 55% of precincts reporting, it’s apparent Mike Simpson kept his seat in the U.S. House.

71% Mike Simpson (R) (108389 votes) = incumbent

29% Deborah Holmes (D) (45301 votes)


The race that I’m really watching however is the one between Walt Minnick and Bill -I’m a Freakin’ Nutcase – Sali.  (US RD#1).  There are only 34% of precincts thus far reporting in, and I just heard Jill Kuraitis report to a KIVI reporter that Canyon County ballots haven’t yet been counted for this seat.  Oh dear….

52% Walt Minnick (68328 votes)

48% Bill Sali (63841 votes)

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