Bill Sali, And the Fire in Garden City

Nahh…they’re not related.

firemanDriving around town I noticed thick, thick black smoke coming from Garden City.  Since I live off Cole and Northview, I have to go through Garden City, ya know.  Specifically down Veteran’s Parkway to Adams Street.  I figured it was probably a training exercise but it was causing quite the commotion.

BOISE – Boise Fire Department crews are conducting a training exercise in Garden City that’s grabbing attention in the area.

The test fire sent a thick black plume of smoke into the air in the area of 42nd St. and Adams St.  The smoke could be seen throughout the area.

Police were called into close a portion of the roads and help control traffic.

In other more welcome news, Bill (Yes, I am a dumb fuck) Sali finally conceded to Walt Minnick. I just cannot believe 49.4% of Idaho’s first congressional district still voted for this jackass.

The race was close, with a 4,243-vote margin, but it wasn’t within the one-tenth of 1 percent needed to trigger an automatic recount.

I wouldn’t define 4243 vote separation as close.  I still remember the Stallings election where he won by less than 200 votes (197 or something) over George Hansen.

In 1984, after Hansen was censured by the House of Representatives for various ethics violations, Stallings defeated him in a hotly contested race by fewer than 200 votes.

That was a nailbiter.  OR in this election cycle – In the Oregon race between Gordon Smith (R) and Jeff Merkely (D); the race between Al Franken (D) & Norm Coleman (R) in Minnesota; Ted Stevens (R) vs “Democrat and Anchorage Mayor Mark Bergrich” in Alaska.