First News Conference Blogging

I’m watching Barack Obama’s first news conference.  Can I just say – it is so freakin’ wonderful to have someone articulate and enunciate.  Wonder what I’ll say in two years? The other day I was thinking about the possibility of news conferences again, and found I’m actually excited about the that possibility – again.  Obama has been pretty forthcoming thus far.  He’s actually answering the questions.

Now – look at all those men on the stage……. men.  Oh wait, I just saw a woman behind Obama.  Ah – his economic transition team.  It’s over – not too long, not too short.  Can I just say – I still cannot stomach Candy Crowley – Jezzus!


Mike Simpson (R) this morning credits Obama in his selection of Rahm Emanuel as chief of staff.

But Simpson says the 48-year-old former investment banker is also a savvy pragmatist who knows he needs GOP minority allies to get work done in Congress.

My first thought:  An asshole always knows other assholes.  I could be wrong about Simpson; I’m pretty sure I’m not about Emanuel.

On NPR yesterday afternoon someone was going over the duties of the chief of staff and actually Rahm may be just the man to say ‘no’ to people.


And celebratin’ elsewhere….