Is a Local Family Being Targeted?

Update below:

Scanning broadcast news sites I saw this story regarding a local family in Caldwell.  Besides the fact that it’s a sickening story, this is the piece that caught my attention.

Keller says her yard has been a target for vandalism and theft in the past. She says she’s worried about incident.

Why? What that’s all about?  The Idaho Press-Tribune had a bit more info.  The name ‘Keller’ sounds familar, but I’m not quite sure why.  I’m hoping Chris at Unequivocal Notion or someone knows more than I do.


Keller’s father, Mike Keller, also of Caldwell, said he feared the pig was left as a message of hate. Jennifer Keller’s yard has been the target of vandalism and theft in the past, she told the Idaho Press-Tribune.

The police are still investigating.


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  1. That’s pretty disgusting.


  2. Sorry, Hill. My computer was down all goddamned day yesterday for an upgrade (speed-wise).

    The thinking is it’s harassment from a former neighbor who was evicted.

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