Yesterday was my daughter’s 32nd birthday.  My Gawd!  How OLD AM I?!!?  I know how old I feel while sitting here at the computer; it’s when I stand up I start to feel it.  So you know how important it must be to me to march or stand in one spot for awhile at my age. /*snort*/

Since the failure of Proposition 8 in California, the rage has been the focus on gay marriage and it’s ‘not happening’ mantra from those who poured millions of bucks into the campaign against it.  I have no problem with the rage – I’m just flummoxed why ANYONE would want to get married, and I often tell other folks:  “I don’t care who marries who as long as no one marries me.”


Now imagine my surprise when this was encountered at City Hall on the corner of 6th & Idaho and Main Streets.  It was much greater than I expected.  I was thrilled.

And that – that was my favorite sign; it was one of the first I saw actually.  The Idaho Statesman has the story along with a photo gallery of which this picture is part.

Both Channel 7 (KTVB) and  Channel 6 (KIVI) have stories and video.  The surprising one for me that I heard about – Idaho Falls.  Here’s video from Channel 8.  You remember the Idaho Falls area.  It’s not far from this area where some 2nd & 3rd graders were last heard chanting ‘assassinate Obama’ on a school bus.  Talk about some kind of weird dichotomy.  KIDK was the station in Idaho Falls who reported on the school bus incident; here’s their report on the Proposition 8 protest in Idaho  Falls as well.


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  1. I think that it’s time that we lifted the LDS Church’s tax-exempt status just before we forcibly annul all marriages performed in LDS temples.

    Then, and only then, we’ll it be possible to debate the marriage issue on a level playing field.

  2. Why stop with the LDS Church? Let’s move quickly to the Catholics and beyond. We might leave out the Quakers and the Unitarians – just because we can.

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