Purple States – Idaho – Part Deux

Here’s the You Tube of the ‘interview’ conducted for Purple States.  Check this out, this is from the press release.  I am almost certain they are NOT talking about me.

Kitt Lenington, of Idaho, has been chosen as one of the top state bloggers in the nation by Purple States. Purple States is the company that produced the series of documentary videos for the New York Times online and the Washington Post online about citizen-reporters covering the primaries and the national election.

“Kitt Lenington’s blog Left Side of the Moon is probably the most passionate political voice for the progressive movement in Idaho,” Cynthia Farrar, Executive Producer of Purple States, said. “She caught our eye with her consistently excellent writing skills, her no-holds-barred approach to political debate, and her deep and true passion for making her blue voice ring out in a red state.”

It’s ‘cuz I say things like “fuckery” – “fucking A!”; I’m pretty sure.

The project itself is interesting as all get out.  I mean it, check it out and watch the videos of those other bloggers from about 12 other states so far.  Here’s a bit more from the press release explaining the project.

On Wednesday, November 5, Purple States launched 50/50/50 at www.purplestates.tv a video report by 50 bloggers in 50 states about the economic realities of their area. During the past year Purple States has researched and evaluated the top state bloggers and vloggers, and has invited these individuals and their communities to take part in a national discussion about the economy. Each day (not including weekends), from after the Election to the Inauguration, Purple States will produce detailed video reports about the economy on the ground. With its reputation for bi-partisan political discussion, Purple States is in the unique position to select the top state bloggers who are Democrats, Republicans, Liberals, Conservatives, Independents, Libertarians, and non-of-the above. 50/50/50 is starting with a bang, with an ex-military libertarian from Alabama who compares the government to a bloated pumpkin, a former Green Party Democrat from Alaska who participates in anti-Palin rallies and talks about the economic divide between the rural and urban communities, and then an amateur-economist from Arizona who believes the current crisis comes from over-regulation by the government.

From these 50 bloggers Purple States will select a team of citizen-reporters to travel to Washington D.C. to cover the first 100 days of the new administration.

Purple States’s mission is to establish a bipartisan dialogue between real people, and in this way to create a new form of believable media. Purple States, citizen journalism done right.


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  2. Good on ya, mistress of fuckery. Way to represent.

  3. Ya make me blush. Mistress of fuckery; I REALLY like it. I’m going to wear it.!

  4. Good for you! 🙂

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