Purple States Project – Idaho’s contribution

purple-statesI starred in a fila-m!  It’s total dorkhood.

At the same time, it’s an amazing people-produced look at the economy encompassing the entire U.S. with bloggers from each state participating.  As they say it:  ‘a cross-country conversation about the economy.’  And, per the message from our video editor:

In the post-election pre-inauguration period of 2008 we will look at the economy through the eyes of 50 outstanding bloggers, one from every state in the nation. Most you bloggers are primarily writers in expression – but we will have you show us your worlds, and look at what you’re saying through video.

So for 50 days, 50 bloggers from across the political realm in all 50 states will talk about their lives and the effect of the economy.  The videos will be running alphabetically – from A to W and will end in January around the time of President-elect Obama’s inauguration. No new content on weekends or the week of Christmas.

The videos by the bloggers from Alaska, Arkansas, Alabama up through Hawaii have been totally awesome, and awesome is NOT a word I use often.   It is surely a testament to the work of the video editor.  I mean, I know what I submitted and I see the end result, and I”m almost speechless.

Purple States TV ….  Purple State You Tube site ….

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