Purple States – Illinois

Today’s offering is from Chanel in Chicago. ….. it’s incredible, just freakin’ incredible.  I don’t have the You Tube version available yet but will post it when it comes up.  In the meantime you can go here to view Chanel’s story and the others thus far.

It could aptly be titled – ‘Makin’ Due.’

Update:  Here’s the You Tube video…


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  2. Life is pretty tough in Chi town, pretty tough indeed.

    You can almost see the desperation on the faces of people as you move about this area.

  3. Are you up there, CC? For some reason I was thinking our West here with me, somewheres.

    (hits forehead with hand) I was sitting here working and remember you said you were going to Grant’s Park. There ya go.

  4. Yes I am here, not happy, but none the less, Here I am.

    I miss Winco, the mountains, the attitude and my home.

    Hopefully, I will get a contract to build a few Biodiesel plants in California and be able to come back and live in my home at Lake Tahoe again.

    Jah, rastafari

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