We’re Not Going to Live Down Stupid

Being a sucker for going bald in comradeship during a cancer battle, this story caught my eye.  It’s very touching, as most of them are, and there’s a couple of sentences where I swear I hear Sr. Anna Margaret’s voice: “That’s straight out of Catholic catechism; we all are called to serve G*d through serving others.”   Nah…she’s still alive; I’m not hearing voices from beyond – yet.

“I would do it again in a heartbeat for Andy, he’s probably the most giving person I’ve ever met in my entire life,” Matthews, 30, said. “He would give the shirt off his back. His donation of himself to this town and this community is unparalleled. That’s what he’s lived for, to serve others.”

Matthews is the fire dept. captain.  And, Jane Somerville, the town librarian, right in there as well. I’m telling ya, librarians have been wrongly maligned – demurity – pfft… (is that a word?)

“He’s just one of the most wonderful people you could ever meet, that’s why I shaved my head,” Jane Somerville, the 51-year-old librarian at the Stanley Community Library, told the Times-News.

The Press-Tribune had the original link to the Magic Valley Times News and it was there I found this letter.  It’s entitled, Obama wrong for U.S. It starts out with the typical bullshit – Obama doesn’t face the flag or place his heart over hand.  Or the other way around – sorry.  Then veers into the reason for the plunge in recent gas prices.  And I thought it had something to do with the Saudis trying to impact the election by dunce2giving the Goppers and their chief a break.

He was raised in the Middle East, so where do his loyalties lay? It’s awfully funny that the price of gas went up to $5 a gallon before the election. Now, after the election it’s back down to the $2 range. Out of his own mouth, he wants to disarm America; what does this mean?

The letter ends with the usual: ‘If you people had been alive when we were attacked at Pearl Harbor’…… apparently not understanding therein lies the difference, we were attacked, we didn’t attack.

Of course, now I’m talking to myself and muttering in response to what I’m reading, and it strikes me.  We’re stuck.  We’re not going to outlive, outrun or live down stupid.

The cats and I are going for a walk.


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  1. Here are a couple things I think you might enjoy



    Try not to pay attention to the morons. I tell myself that there are more smart people than stupid.

    Although some days I have my doubts too.


  2. I thought herding the cats out for a walk would be easier than outrunning “stoopid.”

    I loved ‘West Wing’ and Bartlett’s ramming it to those of the ignorant bible-thumpers smugly situated in their self-righteousness persuasion.

  3. I came across something else you might like today.

    The UK Telegraph did a pictorial “good bye” to Bush. More good stuff.


  4. How do you expect people to get behind the rebuilding of America’s infrastructure when they can’t even pronounce the word, let alone know what it means?

  5. My oldest son and father-in-law just went bald in solidarity with me; the thing is, I’m not getting that much chemo, so I’m not even sure I was going to lose any hair. Still, the kid just turned 18, and wanted to do it so much, that we decided to have some fun with it. What he didn’t count on was looking so much like a skinhead in the new drivers license photo he got right afterwards. ( http://bubbleheads.blogspot.com/2008/11/why-im-thankful.html )

  6. Joel – I wish you the absolute best in fighting this cancer. Fortunately for your son hair grows fairly fast so the skinhead look won’t last long. And there’s always hats.

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