An Oatmeal Kind of Morning


It’s a bit foggy, cold, and the cats don’t even want to get up.  I made oatmeal not long after making coffee – none of that instant microwaveable stuff either.  And now we’re listening to The White Album from Windham Hill, watching the chickadees (I think) devouring something from the empty bird feeder.


I saw this story last night about a family-owned business in Illinois, “recently acquired by a Swedish company” who handed out bonuses to

A total of $6.6 million is being shared by just 230 employees of Waukegan-based Peer Bearing Co., with facilities in England and the United States. Amounts varied and were based on years of service.

I’m sure some minds were eased.

While in Boise (Treasure Valley), the business closings continue.  I don’t know anything about Steve & Barry’s, but I was stunned while driving down Franklin Road on Friday I saw the giant ‘Closing’ banner on Corral West.  I would think the likes of Cabella’s bled off some of their business with the help of tax breaks and other benefits.


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