When Things Bug the Shit Out of Me

Does this bother anyone else?

The chairman of the dominant political party in the state, council member of a growing city outside of Boise, an employee (in upper management), and among other things, a father – who is so far behind in mortgage payments that his house is set to go up for auction within the next 30 days.  The monthly house payment is $3,623; it hasn’t been paid since July and is, at least, $19,000 in arrears. 2-rivers

The reason, as given to Dan Popkey – apparently:

Semanko said he fell behind because his daughter started school at Regis University in Denver this fall. “It wasn’t a hard choice for me,” Semanko said Tuesday. “I knew I could get current. I wanted to make sure I could keep making her tuition payments and not take out a student loan.”

Let me help you out, Norm.  You chose paying your daughter’s tuition over paying your house payment?  Are you fucking daft?  Not for a month or even two?  You couldn’t work out something with the school or take out a student loan and pay that off when you “knew you could get current.”  Or perhaps your daughter could have waited a semester or Gawd forbid – gotten a job! I see she chose Regis University. Jesuit-run. I went to a private Catholic college as well for four years and graduated. There are tuition payment plans even at Regis. And those four years I attended Ursuline – I worked full-time at a hospital and attended school full-time. (Disclosure: never carried more than 15 credits per semester.)

If, as reported, you make $146K annually – which we figured isn’t net, still – and you can’t make $3700 monthly house payment?  That’s about $44K a year on your house, about a third of your income (as reported).  You need help and you don’t need to be in charge of ANYTHING.

All I can say is this: My rent is $683 monthly.  I’ve had to be late once in the five years I’ve lived here and I dreaded talking to the manager about that.  So – if between July and November going into December, I decided to NOT pay rent, I wouldn’t be living here – especially if I was still employed and made the choice to buy a new Range Rover and pay the payments on that rather than my housing.

It’s called priorities, Norm.  Yours?  They’re fucked.


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  1. That’s a nice looking house… but it doesn’t appear to be the one in question. Ada Co. says:

  2. Nah – I know it’s not THE house. It’s just A house in the Two Rivers subdivision for sale. I didn’t want to show the real thing, not wanting to add to Mr. Semanko’s embarrassment.

    And you know what, Tom? After seeing the REAL house, I like my picture better. 😉

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