More Layoffs in the Treasure Valley

Mercy Medical Center is laying off folks!  Here’s an update from the Press Tribune.

NAMPA – Mercy Medical Center in Nampa announced today that 71 employees will be laid off; another 34 will receive reduced hours.

Health care has some fairly ‘safe’ jobs.  I’d be very interested in knowing which departments are affected.


In addition to reductions to its workforce, Mercy is also reducing expenses by cutting compensation of its senior leaders, sharing positions with sister facilities and aggressively managing other operational expenses.

Several months ago one of the local wingnuts (who doesn’t allow comments on his site) wrote that his job is “recession/depression proof.”  His profession?  Computer geek.  I thought he was full of shit even then.  Although, I was thinking health care is one of those fairly reliable recession/depresion proof occupations.

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