Jus’ Regular, Tax-Paying, Child-Rearing Folk Like You

This morning I was listening to NPR’s Michel Martin’s ‘Tell Me More – which delved into the Rick Warren controversy. She had a three-person panel: “Harry Knox, of the Human Rights Campaign, the Rev. Harry Jackson, Jr., a conservative, and the Rev. Yvette Flunder, who is openly gay, debate Warren’s participation.”

My take on Warren is largely from having grown up in a household where we were drug around to different evangelical churches. I have little respect for them and their beliefs.  I will say this – I have found they don’t give up easily and they’re smug in their religiosity.


Listening to the NPR piece this morning it reminded me of Mike Huckabee’s recent appearance on the ‘Daily Show’ with Jon Stewart.  Huckabee was there to promote his latest book, Do the Right Thing: Inside the Movement that’s Bringing Common Sense Back to America.


Both in his book as well as on Stewart’s show the other night, Huckabee declared all people are created equal, which ya gotta admit is just mighty white of Mike – considering it’s part of the Constitution, the Declaration of Independence to be more precise. However, Huckabee also believes same-sex marriage to be “corrosive to society to allow them to have the privileges all humans enjoy.” (A quote from Huckabee’s book and one that is highlighted during Huckabee’s and Stewart’s discussion). I see, ‘all people are created equal’ but at the same time some of them folks are just a ‘corrosive presence in society.’


The first segment here covers several issues, one being the role of government. It’s here that Huckabee says that ‘even conservatives who want less government  say more cops on the street …. (but) that’s government‘ – and everything would be so much better if we would all just …..”essentially, treat each others [sic] like you’d like to be treated.”  Well sure – but some of youse don’t respect that others are not like you and don’t want to be you or like you.

moses-jethro-daughter-saraceniIt’s in the second segment (below) that covers the smack-down discussion between Stewart & Huckabee on why and how the institution of marriage is threatened by same-sex marriage.  It’s in this second segment where Huckabee continues defining his statements on ‘equality.’ It’s “equality of each individual” versus that of “equality and the sameness of what we do.” Being versus action as I take it. Huckabee offers up the usual “Marriage is the bedrock of our society.” The the ole’ anatomical, procreation argument; and then there’s “the 5000 years of reported history.” Oh, that’s right – I forgot – the Earth is only 6666 years old.

The tired example Huckabee used as an illustration, someone who is black is unable to change being black. That’s who they ‘are.’ Whereas someone who is gay is ‘practicing a lifestyle’ and apparently can just stop it.  ‘Practicing a lifestyle’? Like say practicing a violin scrambling for the opportunity to audition for some world-famous symphony?


Like Stewart, I don’t quite understand the cognitiveness of ‘their’ argument, but I think Huckabee gave me a good reminder.  Stewart states marriage has evolved… repeatedly redefined over centuries ranging from polygamy, women as chattel, monogamy, and the ‘fact’ that marriage wasn’t even a sacrament until the 12th century (have to research that), and although Huckabee says understands Jon’s point, he disagrees because he (and ‘those’ like him) truly see it as a ‘choice’ rather than as someone’s essence, their nature, their makeup.  Like Jon puts it to Huckabee,  ‘When did you decide to not be gay?’

“Semantics is cold comfort”….JS.

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