Saturday Morning Music

cleft-noteIt’s not lazy, is it, to post music?

Generally speaking I’m not a ‘pop’ music fan.  I mean my listening runs from KBSU on Saturdays especially – from the time I wake up until into the night.  I’m even reluctant to turn on TV because I might miss Celtic Connections or Janie Harris’ program is still on.  So, it’s KBSU and 94.9 – The River or some such.

But someone wrangled the new Coldplay album ‘Viva La Vida or Death And All His Friends’ and gave it to me to listen to ‘cuz i really like that ONE song ‘Lost!’  However what I found was that Coldplay has collaborated with Ron Sexsmith, singer/songwriter from Canada, and Brian Eno – who recently collaborated with David Bryne.

Ran across this:

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