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In ‘Spring of 2009’ less than a mile away (or some 10 blocks), another branch of  the Boise Public Library system will open up – West Boise branch.

The Idaho Statesman has a story about the increase in patron traffic. I’m in agreement with the thoughts of this guy, just some guy (John Reagan) visiting his neighborhood library at Hillcrest.

In my opinion, it’s the best social service there is. The services are wonderful, and they’ve expanded beyond books. Now I see video games and home media. It’s great for families that otherwise wouldn’t have access to these types of services.”

When we were kids, we utilized the library on 8th & Washington where the offices of Cosho & Humphrey are now.  The current main branch of The Library! on Capitol Blvd was “outfitted to serve a city of 75,000” and was built not long after I graduated from high school.  This city has grown to approximately 220,000 (or more), and so the main library is no longer capable of fully meeting the needs of Boise and, according to the current library director, hasn’t been for a good 25 years.

An advisory committee began meeting in November to find ways on financing new main library. Larry Booe, the library director, calls for it to be “21st century library.”

In addition to an expanded collection, the four-story facility would include a coffee bar, printing and mailing center, fixed-seating auditorium, gallery space and Internet cafe with up to 200 computers.

Any place where I can drink coffee and read, I’m up for – but, I’m usually always up for anything that involves books.


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  1. We’ll be seeing each other at the new library, Wordsmith; that’s our neighborhood, too. We’re over the moon about having a library within walking distance.

  2. Yeah – me too! When I was in Bedford, Ohio our library was 2 blocks away. I was constantly there. I loved it. So, I’m really excited about this one.

    Oh yeah – and I love Idaho, too, Tom. 😉

  3. Renner’s has company. Butthead died tonight at 6:23. He was a feral cat who adopted me. A true mountain kitty. I’ll miss you my little friend 😦

  4. Happy Hanukkah, Sister. Thank you for the gift of friendship you have given me.

    May the New Year bring you and yours health, happiness and prosperity.


  5. Ohhh, CC – Butthead…..such a bummer. Renners will be elated; I certainly miss him. They say when a cat adopts you – you’re in, more so than your adopting them – so it was the highest of cat honors for Butthead to allow you to be in his presence. 😉

  6. deuddersun:

    belated Merry Christmas & Boxing Day, bro. Of course, Kwanza is still on and Three Kings Day is coming up, too.

    Going thru my dad’s things, pics & the like, I actually found some with me in my uniform! I’ll have to scan ’em and bring them over.

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