It’s A New Year

Don’t you just love Google’s artistic putterings?



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  1. Actualy it sucks, almost as annoying as that google popup that keeps coming back on your web page

  2. Ya mean when you put your mouse over the pic? If that’s what it is, then it just means the pic is tied to a web page. Butttt…..we can fix that.

  3. When SnapShots first came out I thought the little pop-up previews were the coolest, now I just find them annoying.

  4. Ohhh – that! Well that, I can just turn off. I thought it was helpful but yeah, scrolling around, I can see how it gets annoying. I thought eric met within the post itself – the google thingie (as Papa Bush refers to it)

  5. All right, I hope you boyz are happy now.

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