More Area Employees Let Go

Another Treasure Valley employer is reducing their workforce by about 10-20%.

Plexus, Inc. confirms it laid off 35 employees this week as part of an overall reduction in force – including 35 full time employees and another 100 contracted part time workers. The company says the 100 part-time workers are contractors – and are used on an as-needed basis.

Kinda makes you wonder about the repercussions of a couple of lawsuits that were filed last year, what role do they play in the company’s finances?

The suits accuse the company and three of its officers of insider trading and inflating the company’s stock price.

Although it does have the facility in Nampa, it is based in Wisconsin.


Angry Gnome Siting

While over picking my way thru the ‘construction’ at The Unequivocal Notion – reading Chris’ marking the installation of a new Idaho U.S. of Idaho with a (D) – Walt Minnick who is replacing the dunderheaded Bill Sali – I just happened to have the TV tuned to CSPAN. New senators were being sworn in and who did I spy amongst them – it was hard to tell ‘cuz he didn’t have his little gnome hat, but the bald spot sure did shine.  Ya know – he was kinda of shitty shifty-eyed as well.  He couldn’t quite concentrate on VP Dick. He looked like a worried groom who was jus’ waiting for someone to stand up and protest his being there with his eyes darting around.

Set Your VCR/TiVO for Tonight

Tonight on Frontline (PBS), there’s presentation of ‘The Old Man and The Storm’ about one man’s struggle to rebuild what was destroyed by Hurricane Katrina.  As if you needed proof that race, class, and even politics has affected the rebuilding of New Orleans.