Angry Gnome Siting

While over picking my way thru the ‘construction’ at The Unequivocal Notion – reading Chris’ marking the installation of a new Idaho U.S. of Idaho with a (D) – Walt Minnick who is replacing the dunderheaded Bill Sali – I just happened to have the TV tuned to CSPAN. New senators were being sworn in and who did I spy amongst them – it was hard to tell ‘cuz he didn’t have his little gnome hat, but the bald spot sure did shine.  Ya know – he was kinda of shitty shifty-eyed as well.  He couldn’t quite concentrate on VP Dick. He looked like a worried groom who was jus’ waiting for someone to stand up and protest his being there with his eyes darting around.


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  1. So, I read this as ‘Angry Gnome Sitting’ as in being seated. Read the post thinking it was sitting, but hey, siting, just as good! 😉 All in all I got a good laugh outta shifty-eyed since I thought both Cheney swearin’ him in and him being there pretty bizarre.

  2. Yeah, it was totally by accident. It just blows me away that there’s ole’ Dick administrating the “do you promise to protect and defend the Constitution from all ‘enemies domestic and fereign.’ I wrote shitty ‘cuz I was laughing. Risch seemed so out of his element; he actually seemed shell shocked. Either that or he was scared to death of Cheney.

    Truly if I can find video I’ll post it. It was pretty darned funny.

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