A DVD To Rent

I wanted to get out a bit in conjunction with Mountain Goat’s post from yesterday before I made mention of this documentary I watched the other evening, one I got from Netflix. The title is ‘For the Bible Tells Me So.’  Basically, it examines

the ways in which conservative Christian groups have used – and sometimes exploited – holy scriptures to deny basic human rights to gays and lesbians around the world.

Two of the most prominently featured are Bishop Gene Robinson – Anglican (Episcopalian) bishop in the U.S. who is openly gay, and Chrissy Gephardt (daughter of Dick Gephardt, former U.S. Rep).  It’s exciting, it’s profound.  You’ll see parents who have supported their children from the beginning, those who didn’t and suffered the consequences, and those ‘who came around.’  The most profound and that which actually rattled me was the mother who was so destructive in her response to her daughters’ outing that I almost burst out crying because you just know where it’s headed. You just know.

I’m of the mind that unless one of my children (this includes my nephews who really are my children) commits some heinous crime – they are my children.  It IS about unconditional love. They’re gay.  Okay – they’re gay.  I mean, Jezzus – that’s the least of my worries.  I asked my sister once if she found out one of her boys were gay what would she do and she floundered.  She didn’t know; she thought she’d really have a problem with it.  She’s getting a copy of this DVD.  Your children’s lives will be easier to live if they have the support of their parents.  They won’t be totally free of discrimination or other roadblocks, but there’s power in knowing you have the love and support of your parents regardless of who you are.

One other important aspect of the DVD is the context into which it places the Bible.  It’s the context into which I learned to hold it while in school studying for my degree in Religious Studies. It wasn’t long before I could no longer hold it as having any more value than my 100-year-old copy of ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’ The film does such a

brilliant job of ‘demonstrating and reconciling the misinterpretation of biblical scriptures that are used to promote prejudice and bias against gays.

Couldn’t say it any better.  Ya gotta see it.

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