Science-Driven Again

Checking the news channel this morning, Obama is on CNN, FOX, & MSNBC; the Senate is on C-SPAN2 (Jim Inofe, R-OK is on there), and C-SPAN – the confirmation hearing for HHS-nominee Tom Daschle.  Interesting juxtaposition don’t you think. Jim Inofe who embodies the nuttiness of skewering science and Tom Daschle who I just heard say, ‘I hope to return the department to being science driven.’  (My paraphrasing)

Teddy! Ted Kennedy is chairing….his hair is a little sparse.


Dodd is now talking about the “politicization of science” – a point that Daschle emphasized wouldn’t be happening.

Another major issue: Rural health care access to include dentistry and mental health.

Tom Harkin is now bringing up health care for those with disabilities, specifically those with significant disabilities.

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