The Scuttlebutt on Blair House

From the time I first heard about the Obamas not being able to utilize Blair House, I’ve found the entire fiasco infuriating.

You just knew there was nothing or no one scheduled to use the 100+ rooms of the Blair House.  In the last few days, we learned that John Howard – the former prime minister of Australia – is scheduled to be a guest at Blair House.  You know John Howard; the allegedly immensely unpopular former prime minister of Australia. (See here for story in the Aussie press about the attention Howard is fetching). Rachel Maddow interviewed Geoff Elliot from the Aussie press last night.

Now – regarding the dimensions of the Blair House:

Together, the complex is larger than the White House, with 119 rooms and total area of 70,000 square feet. There are 14 guest bedrooms, eight staff bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, four dining rooms, kitchen facilities, laundry and dry cleaning facilities, an exercise room, a flower shop, and a fully equipped hair salon. Blair House strives to be comfortable, discreet and secure, and to provide any service that a visiting dignitary might require.

Margaret Carlson was on Keith Olbermann’s show and gave the run-down on Howard’s stay, etc.  As Margaret pointed out then, it’s not like John Howard would be sharing a sink with the Obamas fer chrissakes.  Neither Howard nor his wife would even need to see the Obamas.

Think Progress has more on this dismal tale of etiquette of the less than trailer trash Bushes, as well as the additional cost to the American taxpayers by having to put the Obama’s up in the Hay-Adams House Hotel wherein they invited Howard after the fact.

How many more days?


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  2. This is like an 8 year tooth ache.

  3. OTOH, maybe everyone should throw a shoe at his departure motorcade.

  4. OTOH, maybe everyone should throw a shoe at his departure motorcade

    Damnnn!!! THAT is an excellent idea! Only 11 days to pull it off, too.

  5. I’m visualizing the clean up of millions of shoes, left in the wake of his departure.

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